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The Biggest Losers In Hawaii With Bethany Hamilton


The Biggest Losers In Hawaii With Bethany Hamilton is currently in production on the beaches of Hawaii. Watch as each contestant is put to the task of competing. Bethany Hamilton shows some tips and tricks on how to handle a surf board and actually gets each contestant surfing before the end of the show.

The Biggest Loser In Hawaii With Bethany HamiltonLast week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we saw the return of the yellow line, and we said goodbye to Emily Joy. This week, the remaining eight players took a trip to Hawaii for some real inspiration. Could the contestants handle the excuse of being on vacation? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off this week as the remaining eight contestants took a trip to Hawaii, in the season of no excuses, to prove that vacationing is also not an excuse! As they all settled in on their first night there, everyone became lazy and did absolutely no workouts – no surprise there, huh? Even Dolvett Quince could not get the players to budge, and you could see the frustration in his eyes.

The Biggest Losers In Hawaii With Bethany Hamilton

The next morning, the contestants were greeted by Bob Harper and Dolvett, as well as a gal who is the epitome of no excuses: Bethany Hamilton. Bethany Hamilton is the real life girl behind the story for the movie Soul Surfer. Talk about inspirational – after almost dying and losing her arm during a shark attack while surfing, Bethany was back in the water just a month later surfing again! Bethany is now a professional surfer, with numerous awards under her belt – and she was there to take the contestants surfing!

It was comical to watch as Jeremy struggled to stay on the surf board – he fell off many more times than anyone else, or at least that we saw. Ironically, the first one to actually get a grip and go surfing was Chris of all people! Then, both Dolvett and Kimmy (who feared the water and what was in it) tackled the surf boards together, and managed to overcome their fears of surfing and the water! Who would have thought that big bad Dolvett would be afraid of the ocean?

There was also a lot on the line this week on The Biggest Loser as the contestants competed in two challenges. First up was a pop challenge that would earn the winner a one pound advantage at the weigh-in this week. Chris and Kim both got off to a great start and both were determined to win as they knew, that in a heartbeat, they would each be voted off if given the chance. It was Chris, however, that came out on top and won the challenge, and the one pound advantage on the scale – is anyone else proud of her for lasting this long?

For the second challenge, the players had to pick through a terrain of Hawaiian leis, find the right color, and place them on the Tiki of another player. As each person’s Tiki got 10 leis, they would be eliminated from the challenge. There were also black “death” leis in the pile which would automatically eliminate whoever got that place on their Tiki. At stake this time was immunity, and we all knew who would be eliminated first – Chris and Kim. As the players ganged up on Kim, Kimmy actually found the black lei, placed on Kim’s Tiki, and eliminated her, which fueled a fire in Kim, who now knew that she was completely alone.

Meanwhile, Chris was the next go, followed by Megan and Kimmy. Buddy sat the challenge out once again for health reasons, and it came down to Mark, Jeremy, and Conda. Mark and Jeremy were playing games with each other, but Jeremy was determined to make sure that Conda won…big shocker…I wonder if she can do anything on her own? Down to the last few leis, Jeremy made sure that Mark was eliminated and Conda won. And as we watch all these little things, we can’t help but wonder if Conda and Jeremy are the two protesting contestants that got the boot – we can hope, right?

Biggest Losers In HawaiiBob and Dolvett gave their former teams some last chance workouts, but no one seemed to be working very hard. Dolvett also noticed that Kim seemed down, and he had a heart to heart with her about her feeling alone. Before the weigh-in, we watched as Mark and Kim had a good talk also, and it appeared that the pair formed an alliance. We’ll see how long that lasts. Here is how the contestants fared at the weigh-in, which took place at Pearl Harbor:

from 198 lbs to 195 lbs (-3)

from 221 lbs to 217 lbs (-4)

from 177 lbs to 174 (-3)

from 273 lbs to 266 (-7)

from 163 lbs to 161 lbs (-2)

from 204 lbs to 200 lbs (-4)

from 176 lbs to 171 lbs (-5)

from 281 lbs to 275 lbs (-6)

That meant that both Kimmy and Megan fell below the yellow line, and Alison asked everyone to come aboard a ship to hear their pleas and cast their votes. Megan pleaded that her journey was not done, and in a not-so-shocker, Kimmy pleaded to let her daughter stay, she wanted to sacrifice herself. A very angry Kim jumped in however, claiming that Emily went home last week because it was the best strategic move, and it should be “no different” this time. In other words, Kim thought everyone should vote Megan out.

Much to her dismay, that did not happen. It only took three votes for either of them, and the first three (Mark, Jeremy, and Buddy) all voted for Kimmy out of respect for her wishes. Kim’s plan backfired, so no doubt her target will grow bigger next week. Meanwhile, Chris was emotional at the elimination as she and Kimmy became best buddies on the ranch, so we are certain Chris will have a breakdown next week…or here’s a thought – maybe she will form an alliance with Kim? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Kimmy is enjoying life at home, weighing 154 pounds now. Kimmy claims that her relationship with her husband has been rejuvenated by this journey. Best of luck to Kimmy, we will see you at the finale!

So check-out The Biggest Losers in Hawaii with Bethany Hamilton and you’ll not only be amazed at each contestant determination, but the unbelievable courage of Bethany Hamilton. It really makes you think about your own life’s situation.

~~Aloha Nui Loa



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