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Q & A To Hawaii


Carol asks…

Can someone point me to cheap flights to hawaii from west coast in april?

I am going to try to get to hawaii for 4 or 5 days in april
but cannot find any flights from california or arizona
for less that 600 roundtrip. Any idea? Thanks
Prefer Kauai or Maui.

Akela answers:


I always recommend to my family and friends, Hawaiian Airlines. Only the best for my love ones!

Paul asks…

What time of year is best to find cheap flights to Hawaii?

I want to go to Maui – is it better to fly directly there or go to another island first? I’m traveling from the west coast. Are ticket prices lower in summer, winter – or are they ever low? Also, is there a time that isn’t good to go to Hawaii? (like monsoon season or something?)

Akela answers:

This is a pretty good time. In general, you’re looking for a time that most schools are in session and the snowbirds have gone back home.

You may be able to find a relatively inexpensive ticket direct to Kahului, Maui, but there’s a bit of the price war going on with interisland tickets, too.

This last February and March were record breakers for rainfall, but otherwise, there are no sort of annual weather inconveniences. The climate of the islands is such that there is more difference in weather on different parts of the island than in different times of the year. In other words, the windward sides of the islands and the mountains are often rainy and cooler, while the leeward side is often sunny and dry. That’s why we have so many rainbows. It’s more true on Maui than on Oahu because the mountains are taller.

In the summer, waves are pretty good for surfing on south facing shores, while the north shore is like glass, good for snorkeling. In the winter, monster waves pound into North Shore beaches, and the south shore beaches are good for snorkeling. Spring and fall are a bit of a transition. The humpback whales come to Maui waters to play, jump out of the water, breed, and calve from about November to March or April.

It is good for you to know that large numbers of stinging, box jellyfish tend to wash up on south shores of the islands ten days after the full moon. I saw plenty yesterday, for instance. So avoid those days for water recreation on the south shores like Kihei, but windsurfing at Hookipa should be fine, and there’s always Haleakala!

Ruth asks…

what time of year is best for cheap flights to and from Hawaii?

when can I get the cheapest flights to Hawaii fron the mainland?

Akela answers:

I suppose during the off seasons , which is like february to may, and august to november. Basically, summer time and christmas time is the most expensive time to fly, because everybody likes to travel to Hawaii during the summer, and christmas is a busy time for anywhere I suppose, a lot of people like to travel during the christmas holidays

Ken asks…

What airlines have cheap flights to hawaii?

Philadelphia to Honolulu to be exact. Looking to go there for spring break.

Akela answers:

When flying to the islands I always recommend Hawaiian Airlines.



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