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Poipu Beach Kauai: Where To Stay and What To Do


Poipu-Beach-Kauai - where to stay and what to do

Did you know that Kauai was the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands?  Kauai has another distinction – only 20% of The Garden Island is directly accessable by road.  Today I wanted to tell you about Poipu Beach on Kauai, with some ideas on where to stay and what to do.  Up above is a great aerial picture of one part of Poipu Beach, taken by Polihale.

Poipu means “crashing waves” in Hawaiian…. and they really do crash, especially in the winter!

Poipu Beach is on the south end of Kauai, and is famous for it’s great beaches, magnificent sunsets, and high-end resorts.  Most of the resorts are a little out of my range, but read on, because there are some really outstanding things to do on the south end of Kauai.

Poipu Beach Kauai: Where To Stay and What To Do

Three types of accommodation in Poipu Beach serve those seeking QTR. For successful boomers, Kukui’ula, a luxury private-member retirement community, offers five-star living in every respect: a forgiving Tom Weiskopf-designed golf course, luxury villas, excellent dining, recreational services and a stunning spa. The $100-million (U.S.) development offers vertical membership, meaning your kids and grandkids can continue to enjoy the exclusive facilities, in year-round perfect weather. The price tag: Around $2.2-million for a two-bedroom home, plus monthly maintenance fees. It’s QTR for those with QCB – quantity cash in the bank.

For the rest of us, Poipu offers a range of affordable vacation rentals, conveniently marketed by the Parris Collection. We check into Unit 700 at Nihi Kai apartments, a block from Poipu’s best bodysurfing and snorkelling beaches. It feels like we’ve been given the keys to a friend’s homey apartment, with balcony views of palm trees and ocean. Farther up the road, the Grand Hyatt accommodates more than 200 destination weddings a year, and many more wedding guests along with it. It’s worth strolling the Hyatt’s manicured gardens on this 22-hectare property, dipping in the lava-rock pools or melting away with a lomilomi massage.

“I never thought I’d be on my honeymoon and be asleep by 8 p.m.,” one newlywed says to another. We’re on Captain Andy’s 65-foot Southern Star catamaran, and a half-dozen other couples nod in agreement. We’re sailing along Kauai’s spectacular Na Poli coastline, watching huge swells crash into jagged cliffs and white sandy beaches. As Jimmy Buffet croons from the speakers, three bottlenose dolphins scratch an itch against the boat to the delight of the passengers. Activities like these usually begin around sunrise, so the early nights are understandable.

PaddleBoarding In Poipu

The next day, the sun had yet to rise when we joined ATV Kauai for a mud buggy safari into an old sugar cane plantation, one of AOL founder Steve Case’s local properties. Down the road, Poipu’s Outfitters Adventures offer a genteel paddleboarding experience, floating downriver along the towering Hau’pu Mountains. Later, we hike through ancient terraces, with the fragrance of wild guava and passion fruit in the air. “I haven’t done this since I was a kid,” a middle-aged tourist from Denver says as he steadies himself on a rope swing overlooking a jungle rock pool. Pirates of the Caribbean used this spot as a location for its fictional Fountain of Youth, which makes sense – here adults can still play like children.

Only 20 per cent of Kauai is accessible by road, but there’s plenty to see from the air. I joined a young pilot from Island Helicopters who guided us above Waimea Canyon, a huge rift known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We land by “Jurassic Falls,” seen clearly in the movie, and zip over the north island where A-listers like Oprah Winfrey and Julia Roberts own homes. The rocky spires of the Na Poli coastline are even more dramatic from above than from the water, while streaking waterfalls surround Mount Waialeale, known as the wettest spot on the Earth.

Poipu Has Some Of The Best Diving In Hawai

Underwater, Kauai has some of the best diving in Hawaii. Turtles are abundant, as are seals, sharks and a variety of indigenous fish. Poipu’s Seasport Divers offers a seasonal dive to Ni’ihau, a dry, brown island off the west coast. Just seconds in the water, I’m greeted by a large, endangered monk seal. At a spot called Pu’u Mu’u, I enter a series of underwater caves, encountering butterfly fish, purple spiny lobster, and the thrill of watching my air bubbles gather on the cave ceiling like puddles of mercury.


There is so much more to tell you about Poipu Beach, Kauau: Where To Stay and What To Do …. that I’ll be sure to write more about one of my favorite places to visit on Kauai.

Check out this video… you will get a fast frantic look at more ideas of where to stay and what to do in Poipu Beach.


~~Aloha Nui Loa


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