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Neil Armstrong our American hero dies


Neil Armstrong our American hero dies, he was the first man to stand foot on the moon. The other two astronauts (Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins) that accompanied him are still alive and living a healthy life’s. Everyone at that time was glued to their seats, sitting in front of their television as the space ship landed on the moon and watched Neil walk on the moon.

Neil Armstrong our American hero dies

Hawaii played a role in Apollo 11’s mission to the moon, and the islands were a beacon for the astronauts return to Earth. Neil Armstrong and his crew spent time training on the Big Island before they went to space.

Hawaii was the first land they saw- when returning from their mission.

Before they walked on the Moon, the Apollo 11 astronauts simulated it by walking across Hawaii’s lava fields while conducting secret training missions on the Big Island.

When Neil Armstrong made that historic step on July 20th 1969, the images watched around the world were being picked up on Earth by antennas at Kokee Tracking Station on Kauai.

“I think most people who had lived through that period, almost everybody knows where they were when they heard we had made it to the moon,” says Mike Shanahan, Director of Education, Exhibits and Planetarium at Bishop Museum.

Four days after the astronauts successfully completed their mission, their space capsule splashed down in waters off of Hawaii.

Neil Armstrong our American hero dies

“They were being very careful, they were concerned with the two that walked on the moon, that they might bring back some lunar bugs,” says Shanahan.

They were quarantined for several days in Pearl Harbor, but that didn’t stop crowds and family members from welcoming the heroes home, or for the normally soft spoken and timid Neil Armstrong from putting on a show.

“In some ways that space program, during that tumultuous decade, represented the best of what this country was capable of,” says Shanahan.

Armstrong’s mark on the moon lives on, you can see it at the Planetarium Exhibit at Bishop Museum.

“There were six missions that landed on the moon,” points out Shanahan.

Those who came to visit Saturday, took time to honor the man, who won the space war for the United States.

“He was a hero for a lot of us that came up out of that generation,” says Mark Steinberg, a visitor to the museum.

And Armstrong’s footprints and legacy, may always be written on the night sky.

“There’s no air on the moon, so if no one goes there to disturb it, the footprints and flag should be there for millions of years,” says Shanahan.

The planetarium exhibit at Bishop Museum will be open until September 10th.

Neil Armstrong our American hero dies, but the legend lives on in all of our heart’s…

~~Aloha Nui Loa


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