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Native Hawaiian Residents are 1 in every 5


Native Hawaiian Residents are 1 in every 5; I would have thought that the number would have been higher than that! But in the end, we all feel that we have some Hawaiian blood running through our veins. When you live on the islands for as long as I have, nothing in the world compares to the friendliness of the island folks. We all feel like one big family.

Native Hawaiian Residents are 1 in every 5

HONOLULU (WTW) — More than one-fifth of Hawaii residents identify as at least part Native Hawaiian, a 21 percent jump from a decade ago, a state analysis of U.S. Census figures said.

The state department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism said nearly 290,000 Hawaii residents identified themselves as either fully or partially Native Hawaiian in the 2010 census.

The increase from 2000 well outpaced overall population growth of 12.3 percent in the Aloha State.

Native Hawaiians represent the state’s fourth-largest race, both among those who identify themselves as of a single race or multiracial. Hawaii has more whites, Filipinos and Japanese.

The number of people who identified only as Native Hawaiian stayed the same in 2000 and 2010 at just over 80,000. That represents less than 6 percent of Hawaii’s total population of nearly 1.4 million.

The state’s analysis shows populations of those who identify with other Pacific Island groups also grew quickly during the decade. Hawaii’s Guamanian and Chamorro population grew 57.5 percent, the Fijian population grew 54.9 percent and the Tongan population was up 35 percent over the decade.

Native Hawaiian Residents are 1 in every 5

A higher proportion of Native Hawaiians live on the state’s neighbor islands to Oahu. Nearly 30 percent of those on the Big Island, 23.8 percent in Maui and 24 percent in Kauai consider themselves at least part Native Hawaiian. On Oahu, 19.1 percent of residents identify as part Native Hawaiian.

The department said in its report that understanding Hawaii’s population and where clusters of Native Hawaiians live may help businesses and other organizations target customers and serve people.

“If an area has a significant number of people in a specific racial group, having people who speak their language on the organization’s staff may be helpful,” the report said. “Careful consideration of interactions and customs of families of that racial group may also add to the effectiveness of their staff in delivering services.”

Native Hawaiian Residents are 1 in every 5 and that would also tell you that there aren’t too many island residents who can still carry a conversation with the Hawaiian language…

~~Aloha Nui Loa


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