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Jimmy Buffet In Hawaii Five-O – Another great show


Jimmy Buffett in Hawaii Feve-OYou guys know I am loving the new Hawaii Five-O show.  On Monday Jimmy Buffet in Hawaii Five-O was really wonderful.  He already has his own “Island vibe” from living in the Florida Keys for so long.

I’m a fan of island living, Jimmy Buffet, Hawaii Five-0 .. so Monday’s show was everything I could want.

Check out the review below

Jimmy Buffett In Hawaii Five-O

Island-loving Jimmy Buffett appears as helicopter jock Frank Barma, a friend and contemporary of old-school He Man war hero Joe White (Terry O’Quinn, who once starred in a really good series called Lost). Parrotheads, as Buffett’s devoted base of fans call themselves, will be delighted.

White is called in to help Five-0 during a mission in North Korea, where McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) has got himself into a bit of a pickle. Buffett takes to his Five-0 role like a fish to water and by the time the hour is over, the North Koreans will no doubt prove no match for the grey-haired geezers with their spiffy whirlybird flying machines.

It’s wonderful fresh TV stuff, and if recent numbers hold up — there’s no reason to believe they won’t — more than 1.7 million viewers will tune in. Hawaii Five-0, in just its second season, is firmly in the Top 20 in Canada.

Hawaii Five-0 has a lot to answer for.

The remake of the astonishingly popular original, which ran for 12 seasons between 1968-’80, has made waves of its own, and now looks like a safe bet to make it to a third season, and possibly beyond. Its success spawned a run of tepid, hollow remakes — or “re-imaginings,” as TV executives prefer to call them — from the cancelled Charlie’s Angels and Prime Suspect to, next season, remakes of The Rifleman and The Munsters.

The new Five-0 shares the original’s eye-filling tropical locations, but the similarities end there. The stories have been updated to modern times and modern sensibilities, and they’re interchangeable with any number of TV procedurals. It’s as if the story you saw last week on CSI is going to be next week’s story on Hawaii Five-0. As the nominal hero, O’Loughlin — a decent actor — is a bit flat and awkward in the role, almost as if he was miscast. Jack Lord may not have betrayed much emotion as the original McGarrett, but he exuded a magnetic presence onscreen. In the new Five-0, it’s Scott Caan’s wildly over-the-top Danny Williams who has the best lines, and steals the most scenes. In the original, James MacArthur played “Danno” as the typical TV sidekick, quiet and subservient to Lord’s heroic man-of-action.

Buffet’s episode has more than just Buffett to recommend it,

for fans of the series — both the new one, and the original. Larisa Oleynik, Reiko Aylesworth, Doug Mossman and Mark Dacascos, as recurring villain Wo Fat, make guest appearances. Hawaii Five-0 devotee Mike Quigley, who runs the Hawaii Five-0 home page ( out of Vancouver, notes that Mossman was a regular in the original series. While he was never a member of the official Five-0 team, Mossman played the recurring role of police office Frank Kamana — though in tonight’s episode, according to Quigley, “He’ll probably be in one of those don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him moments.”    Original Here
Here’s a picture from Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii – a wonderful site.

I know lots of my fellow Islanders aren’t fans of Hawaii Five-O.

But I am!  And having Jimmy Buffet In Hawaii Five-O was great too.

Aloha nui loa


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