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George Clooney Filming In Hawaii – Pictures



Are you looking for pictures of George Clooney filming in Hawaii?  Clooney’s new movie is set in Kuaii, where his character plays the part of a 4th generation plantation owner who is selling the family land to a property developer.

What could be more Hawaiian than that?

Here’s what ITN says -

In George Clooney’s new film The Descendants he plays a man trying to reconnect with his daughters, after his wife is involved in a boating accident.

The three undertake this bonding exercise in Hawaii as George’s character works out whether to sell his land there.

Of filming in this exotic setting Clooney explains: "We were there for quite a few days before we started shooting just to get the right rhythms because it’s island rhythms, it’s very different.

"It was hard to get into, it took me about ten days, but once you’re into it it’s easy." Original here.

George Clooney Filming In Hawaii

George Clooney’s time on the Hawaii set of The Descendants got a bit more strenuous than usual yesterday — he spent the better part of the afternoon jogging in front of the cameras. He was able to take a walk to talk with director Alexander Payne before switching out of his blue polo shirt costume and heading home. George didn’t skip a beat getting to work after his time at the Oscars, though he could hardly hope to be in a nicer place filming than Oahu.  Original from PopSugar


Here’s some coverage from The Garden

“Has everything been perfect? We can’t say it has,” said Costa. “Like everything else in life, nothing is
perfect, but it takes everyone working together for the betterment of all,” he said.

“As the island of Kaua‘i and its people continue to struggle through the challenges of this down economy, there are also opportunities and rays of hope that provide economic relief.

“During the next three to four months, Kaua‘i will be one of the Hawaiian islands to host at least three major Hollywood productions,” including “The Descendants,” starring Clooney, “currently being filmed in various locations including Hanalei this week,” said Costa.

“Within a few weeks Adam Sandler and the movie ‘Pretend Wife’ will spend several weeks filming on the North shore as well. Most of us have heard about the fourth episode of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ starring Johnny Depp, and hundreds of movie-extra hopefuls have applied for a role in this movie,” Costa said.

“Although short-lived, these productions will provide an infusion of capital into our economy, put people to work and have another movie credit to (the) storied list that would make most islands, states and countries envious.

“Kaua‘i is truly blessed with its natural beauty that not only beckons Hollywood but visitors to our shores,” he said.

“As a native Kauaian who grew up in Hanalei, I was very young, but remember when ‘South Pacific’ was being filmed. I also remember ‘Donovan’s Reef,’ ‘Blue Hawai‘i,’ ‘The Thorn Birds,’ ‘Flight of the Intruder,’ ‘Uncommon Valor,’ ‘Honeymoon in Vegas,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ ‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ and, more recently, ‘Tropic Thunder.’

“Overall, Hollywood movie-production companies have been very good to Kaua‘i and its people. They have also been good neighbors and made great effort to understand and respect our culture and land, always returning film locations to their original condition or better,” Costa said.

The late Mayor Tony Kunimura once said of those filming on Kaua‘i, “all they leave behind is money.”

But in addition to the traffic-congestion concerns, Ka‘aumoana said she and others not only on the North Shore but cultural practitioners across the island are concerned over rumors the “Pirates” crew is considering filming at some culturally-significant sites, including, possibly, an important Ha‘ena heiau.

“A proposal/application to film at the sacred sites in Ha‘ena has generated much concern and protest,” she said.

“Hui Ho‘omalu I ka ‘Aina has written to Art Umezu and George Costa requesting denial of their application. Kumu and traditional practitioners of Ha‘ena are rallying to protest and prevent this desecration,” she said in her e-mail.

“These are places that we care a lot about.”

Costa said he cares about those places, too, and movie executives have pledged to meet with concerned residents once a “short list” of potential locations is finalized.

“I have spoken to Janice Polley, location supervisor for Disney Productions, and she has advised that they are compiling a ‘short list’ of areas on Kaua‘i that they would like to film,” said Costa.

“When they completed their list, they are planning to meet with the community groups of those areas to explain why they are selecting those locations, and solicit feedback,” said Costa.

“We want to be good neighbors and do the right thing. We love Kaua‘i and wouldn’t want to do anything that would be disrespectful,” said Polley in Costa’s e-mail.

“Both Art Umezu, county film commissioner (who was with Clooney and the crew of “The Descendants” in Hanalei this week) and I will work with Ms. Polley to conduct community-outreach meetings over the next few weeks to ensure accurate information is shared with the public at large,” said Costa.

Read more:


Let me take a stand right here.

No movie… ever… should be filmed on a sacred site.  NEVER!

Whew!  I had to get that off my chest.  Now for the love part. I love George Clooney!  He’s a beautiful man who has a heart, and he makes really good movies.  I have read some reviews of The Descendants, and it sounds hilarious. 

I am sure that George Clooney filming in Hawaii would never have allowed a sacred site to be desecrated by a film crew.


Aloha, George… Aloha nui loa


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