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Filming to begin for ‘The Hunger Games’ in Kauai, Hawaii


Filming to begin for ‘The Hunger Games’ in Kauai, Hawaii and what a perfect location for the next movie. Kauai has more rain fall than any other place on earth, coming in aroud 452 inches of rain each year. This of course is mostly in the mountains, the lower levels will be much less. I can’t wait to see what area’s of Kauai they capture on film.

Filming to begin for 'The Hunger Games' in Kauai, Hawaii

With “The Hunger Games: Catching Firemovie set to start filming sometime in late summer or early fall, the cast of the blockbuster adaptation may just find themselves fighting for their lives in vacation hotspot Kauai, Hawaii.

According to a new post this week on, the island may serve as a definite shooting location for the upcoming film. Hawaii’s beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife and tropical weather are perfect for some of the climate conditions described as part of the environment in the next annual Hunger Games tournament.

Filming to begin for ‘The Hunger Games’ in Kauai, Hawaii

In recent “Hunger Gamesnews, just revealed this Tuesday the breaking news that the hotly anticipated “Catching Fire” sequel may have a possible filming location right in Kauai, Hawaii.

They write here on their website:

“With the natural beauty, rugged terrain, lush green jungles, isolated valleys, turquoise waters and rare wildlife, it’s no wonder that Hollywood against made a smart choice in picking Kauai [for ‘Catching Fire’].”

Interestingly enough, Kauai has already had Hollywood and public movie appeal, as it was the filming location of other relatively recent popular films like “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and even “The Descendants.”

Cast members of “The Hunger Games” movie, including Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) have previously mentioned Hawaii as a possible location in the past. It’s not a major surprise why—filming or not, the dangerous scenes in the tournament arena may be a bit more bearable with the beauty of a tropical sun, cool surf, and island atmosphere.

The first “Hunger Games” adaptation by author Suzanne Collins was filmed in parts of North Carolina, and is now being rumored this year to possibly have actual production begin in another U.S. locale, namely Atlanta, Georgia.

“Catching Fire” has a release date in U.S. theaters next November 22, 2013. The cast will also make an appearance at Comic-Con 2012 this July.

Filming to begin for ‘The Hunger Games’ in Kauai, Hawaii and make sure to mark your calendar…

 ~~Aloha Nui Loa


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